Our all day presence is a fundamental condition for the psychosomatic well-being of the Malamute, which love to share time and space with his human friends. This was one of the reasons that led us to take care in full-time dedicating all our energy to the welfare of the Malamutes. All the choices made over the years, therefore, have taken into account the needs and requirements of dogs.

Our Selection Center is located in a modern and efficient, technologically advanced structure, where high hygienic sanitary standards are applied, consisting of spacious and covered boxes, with an adjoining medical center, delivery room and nursery controlled with our presence 24h and video cameras.
There are also spaces and large fences for playing and socializing our dogs, a gym equipped with treadmills and a grooming area. With my family we take care of the health and well-being of dogs on a daily basis. The puppies are cared for affectionately, paying much attention to socialization, giving them the right imprinting.

We take care of maintaining an excellent psycho-physical shape of puppies and adults, while older dogs are lovingly cared for in all their needs.


Our litter selection program aims to get healthy puppies which conform morphologically to the standard and which are psychologically balanced. To obtain these results, nothing is left to chance... Both sire and dam are selected high-quality dogs of the breed which are x-rayed hips and elbows to evoid dysplasia but also annual testing for hereditary eye diseases and genetic test as Polineuropathy. 
When planning the matings, both sire and dam are judged for physical traits and temperament. In fact, a good relationship with the animal depends on both its temperament and psychological balance.
This professional and responsible attitude to work has been recognised and well appreciated in the show world. The Del Biagio Selection Center can boast a number of important successes in the main canine world events both in Europe and the USA home of the Malamute, and dogs are universally recognized as a reference for the breed. In addition to this are the numerous and ever increasing testimonials of satisfaction and gratitude from those who have purchased one of our puppies.