del biagio sleddog team


The Biagio Selection Center has always been represented by a team of Alaskan Malamutes, followed and trained exclusively by people who like to practice this sport, so characteristic for this breed.
Initially they were Rita Figini with two dogs and Giovanni Pandolfi with six, since then accompanied by the curiosity of our Francesco Biagiotti, since he was only 7 years old. Later, Giorgio Pirini also joined our team with a pack of six Alaskan Malamutes.
Nowadays the Del Biagio Team is officially represented by Francesco, who after a long experience with two dogs has decided to try his hand at adventure with a six-pack!
Our "mushers" have traveled around Europe to participate in important Sleddog competitions such as the World and European Championships, achieving excellent results.


Our team is engaged in the most important international competitions




I got a red-white ALASKAN MALAMUTE puppy because I was struck by this breed of imposing structure with that authoritarian attitude. 
Now, at the age of 40, sports lover, I started racing with Kinos, this was his name, on foot with a harness or with a bike.
The step to then practice sleddog was short thanks to the generosity of GIUSEPPE BIAGIOTTI 
who provided his specific equipment, selected team of his beautiful dogs and I bought my first sled.
We participated for 9 years from 2000 to 2009 in all the Italian Championships for northern breeds in the category C2, B2 for non-fast working dogs, because it is known that the Malamute regularly runs in the competition, but without reaching high speeds because of it's structure, characteristics and his real nature. What matters is seeing the team working smoothly.
We participated in international events such as the World Championships for the purebred in Annaberg (A), the European Championship of Kraniska Gora (SLO), Donovaly (CZ) and in Italy in the splendid Auronzo di Cadore track. 
At these competitions we have achieved excellent results considering that all the participants are super Mushers organized with selected teams.



From an early age I grew up surrounded by the Alaskan Malamutes and developed a passion for sledding. 
I had the opportunity and the pleasure of following in the footsteps of the two people who at that time started the story of our Sleddog Team: Rita Figini and Giovanni Pandolfi.
Later, after taking a break from this sport, due to the school and other interests, I heard again the call of the Sleddog. In fact, in 2015, organizing an event that is now traditional for us, the Alaskan Malamute Sleddog Day, I found a special feeling with two Malamutes: Chessy & Alcan Silent Knight by Biagio.
I found in them a great aptitude for work, and this has awakened in me the desire to confront myself again in the sleddog competitions.
So, having joined the Antartica Sleddog Club, I started competing in competitions both at National and European level, achieving excellent results.
I owe all my successes to my fellow adventurers who made me and make me grow, with whom I shared many experiences, travels, new friendships, tears of joy but also disappointments, which are always part of the game: my Alaskan Malamute - Frozen & Alcan Silent Knight by Biagio.
The most important results obtained on the snow are: a fourth place in Sweden at Sveg in 2018, and a third place in Germany at Haidmuhle 2019, during the WSA World Championships "World Sleddog Association", a championship reserved for pure Northern Breeds in category 2 Dog2 ( category that also includes Groenland and Samoyed). We also managed to win 3 Italian titles on snow and reach 2 second places in the 2dog scooter category, 
we are pleased to recall that due to lack of participants we had to confront the Siberian Husky teams, lighter and faster dogs, which pull up the level of our ambitions.
In 2018 I decided to raise 6 puppies, puppies from my beloved Alcan, training them to increase the pack and thus be able to compete in more categories.
With my team we have made many sled experiences, lots of races and endless training ... but the experience that I have in the deep of my heart is the one I lived with the "Make a Wish" association, which deals with children with rare terminal diseases that contacted us to realize the dream of a little girl who wanted to take a ride with a sled pulled by dogs.
It was a unique emotion, so indelible that I left a particular memory in my heart; unfortunately the girl passed away, but those moments of joy shared with her will remain forever in my heart.