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When we think to buying a dog to introduce it into a domestic environment, it is good to ask questions by setting not only the morphological characteristics but also the character traits that distinguish the identified breed as the basis of this choice. Taking a look at the Alaskan Malamute it is difficult not to be struck by its imposing, vigorous, elegant appearance. The charm of the "wolf" and of the Great North dog is inherent in its morphological structure but in order to make a conscious choice it is good to deepen the knowledge trying to understand what are its character qualities, often subject to unfounded and superficial criticism.

MALAMUTE IS A PRIMITIVE DOG: it has never been subjected to genetic manipulation or crossbreeding with other breeds to create what man had set out to want to receive. A dog with these origins has a set of behaviors and habits that must be understood and respected. That's why time and patience are needed. This is the only way Malamute is a pack dog; therefore he recognizes his boss only if he proves that he deserves the title. The Malamute is a dog that has lived for centuries in close contact with man, sharing joys and sorrows with him. It does not want to be treated as a simple toy and then put aside when you are tired. You must involve him in all that is the life of your family. Only then can you realize his intelligence, his loyalty, the dedication he unconditionally offers you. So you can appreciate this breed and get surprising results.

To obtain results it is enough to adopt simple but effective puppy solutions (2 or 3 months):

Let him know the members of the family (parents, children and others belonging to the family group), so that he identifies them as "his pack". He will therefore respect them all, always taking into consideration who of these will be the Leader for him;

From the first days, during your walks, when it is possible carefully, leave it free. Calling it from time to time but always with a prize, cuddling or simply gratifying it with your voice will teach your puppy to be obedient.

As a puppy, it is easy to train it in terms of group liveability. At each transgression it will be enough to take it back with a sustained tone and you will notice how quickly he learns;

Socializing with other dogs should be done at a very young age: at that time games are the favorite pastime and if they happen even with dogs of different breeds the little Malamute will behave very well, without aggression. Every intolerance must immediately be followed by a resounding reproach;

Regarding obedience the Malamute has a highly developed decision-making capacity and does not always execute your commands if they are judged futile. For example: if you call your dog without a specific purpose, he can ignore you not because he does not understand the call but because he does not see the end. So always look for a motivation for what you want him to do. You are not owning a robot ready to satisfy your every futile desire, but a dog that wants to be helpfull for important things. With these simple tricks you will surely have a dog that will give you a lot of satisfaction!

"It is somethimes difficoult to know who in a family is in command: husband, wife, mother in law or mind. But the dog is never wrong."

Marcel Pagnol

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