Giuseppe Biagiotti con Rayner Del Biagio


There are the words of Arthur Schopenhauer that I willingly recall, “Someone who has never had a dog does not know what it means to be loved.” Speaking from personal experience I can say that whoever has lived happily with an Alaskan Malamute knows what it means to be loved. My adventure with this amazing breed began far back in 1982 when I decided to show a handsome Boxer which belonged to me at the Dog Show in Padua. Although I was struck by the hundreds of dogs present, my eyes were drawn to one particular dog which at the time was still unknown to me, and I literally stopped in my tracks.

IT WAS AN ALASKAN MALAMUTE... powerful and heavily- boned, deep-chested with a sturdy body. The full, plumed snap tail, the eyes, ears and nose make this animal a masterpiece.
Its movements are pure poetry in motion; when the Malamute goes into a trot, it is in that same moment of suspension when it passes to single track that the vital essence of the breed is captured. I have always been deeply moved on observing this.
I began to research the breed, becoming more and more fascinated by what I discovered and it was then, some time later, when my Boxer was stolen that I made the decision to share my life with Alaskan Malamutes.
I focused my research in the USA, home of the breed, and in 1984 I imported HOKIE HI FIRE STORM, a beautiful female, from Virginia. From then on, I began to attend dog shows with great success; of the forty-eight events attended we had forty-seven wins. Carried away by enthusiasm, I imported a male, KIWALIK’S KHAUNA, and other females from Maryland in order to have several blood lines to work with.
I owe a large part of my success to Mrs. Vicky Jones who gave me a couple of great dogs: VYKON’S WIND BENEATH MY WINGS and his sister, VYKON’S GA PEACH DEL BIAGIO which proved to be excellent breeders
Selecting a breed means not only improving the dog and meeting its specific attributes but also respecting its need to live a healthy life.
I have always planned matings in order to produce strong and well-proportioned litters which conform to the morphological standards. This has been neither easy nor simple. I have certainly had my share of success, but there has also been a lot of hard work and some disappointment. I feel, however, that in the long run, constancy and conscientiousness always pay off.
It has taken me years of hard work to achieve recognition at national, European and International level.
The roots of the success of our blood line can be found in AXEL DEL BIAGIO and before that in REDFLOWER DEL BIAGIO. A very rare at that time red male, particularly beautiful and with perfect pigmentation. In addition to treading the ring successfully, RED was a fantastic stud dog. One of his daughters ATKA DEL BIAGIO with AXEL DEL BIAGIO, in turn a nephew of RED and son of VYKON’S WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, produced in 1994 an epic litter. In fact, ROYAL STAR DEL BIAGIO was born from that mating, a fabulous example to say the least. I can consciously say that in the history of European Dogs World there has never been another malamute with its qualities. Three times World Champion, ten Best in Show, Italian, International and Club Champion, Stud Champion, Best of Breed Winner in Stockholm, Croatian Champion, Okv-Bundessiger, European Champion 1995/1996, and many other successes. ROYAL's most prestigious statement was obtained at the National Specialty of the Alaskan Malamute Club in America. In this event, were participated most important american breeders of Alaskan Malmute (three hundred and seventy-nine registered dogs, ninety in the class of champions) and our ROYAL has won the AWARD OF MERIT, an important recognition that it it's the judge's right to give only to that subject that he considers equal with the declared Best of Breed. A recognition never granted to European breeders before. An indelible memory of him will remain in his children and grandchildren and greatchildren around the world. 
Of course there are other lines that have contributed to our success, many other dogs that have made us feel unique and appreciated by judges around the world.
What makes us very proud are also our customers and those close to our hearts who have chosen to be part of our great family. Friends spread all over the world: starting from all European countries, passing through North and South America, South Africa, South Korea, up to China, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and much more. Every time for us it is an emotion, when all these people send us photos of their dog's life as dog for exhibition, work or any other activities. They update us with news that makes them happy, telling us about their satisfactions. This makes us participate in the activities carried out together with them dog, both during the shows and during the "work" events, making us understand above all how these lovely, sweet puppies become excellent family members. I cannot absolutely forget all those in Italy, calling to let us know of the great happiness of owning one of our puppies, of all those who, having now joined the great Del Biagio family, come again to visit us to share moments together, or simply asking us for advice because they trust us. Finally I want to remember all those numerous enthusiasts who participate in the EVENTS I have been organizing for the past 15 years together with the SERAM (Alaskan Malamute Club in Italy - of which I was the president for over 20 years), and supported by the Italian Club Nordic Breeds - CIRN of which I currently hold the position of Vice President.

A life dedicated to breeding this wonderful dog breed, I put so much effort and passion, collecting successes and awards. One in particular fills me with pride: the letter of appreciation and congratulations received from the legendary American breeder Robert Zoller, owner of the famous Husky - Pak, a true milestone of the breed.

For us is importnat to spread the knowledge of Nordic dogs, obviusly in particular the Alaskan Malamute breed, which is still little known by the general public in a correct and appropriate way.

At the end, I quote what was said by Natalie Norris, one of the first Alaskan Malamute fans and one of the most famous female sleddog competitors:

"The Malamute breed is too beautiful and special to afford to take risks to change the characteristics of adaptability to ever have produced. We should raise not only valid Malamute but good examples such as those originally found in Alaska. It doesn't mean to breed better Malamute, but to breed a dog as good as an Alaskan Malamute"

                                                                                                                                                         cit. Natalie Norris