The coat of the Malamute in the warmer months, during the year and above all in the beginning of periodic loss of hair must be washed and well dried favoring the loss of the under coat that is released periodically, and then in this way to help the new hair regrowth. It is important to start to groom your puppy from the first few months, to get used to being handled, brushed and combed. On the other hand, considering that its coat is generally odorless compared to other dog breeds, it does not require frequent washing. To keep the coat at its best, however, it is advisable to wash it periodically every 2/3 months. Absolutely to be avoided is the cutting of the hair, although it is adviced to do under it’s paws to prevent the dog from losing its grip and slipping on smooth surfaces.



The REQUAL line, which we use with great satisfaction, is an excellent product for the care of the coat of your Alaskan Malamute, both in the case of frequent and infrequent washing.

If you decide to start showing your malamute, you need to prepare its coat in best way possible. Skin and hair must be treated regularly. Dilute REFLEX-PROF or VITAL-PROF with ten parts of water, wash and rinse, then dry carefully.

The bath It acts with beauty and optimal conditioning on long and woolly textures, excellent for maintaining and for intense nourishment of the coat. Gently cleanses with a softening and structuring cream. Enriched with peach kernel oil, it is an excellent detangling and polishing agent. Its formulation ensures ease of removal of knots and felts from the mantles.

At the same time, RIFLEX-PROF, a professional concentrated shampoo with a bleaching and polishing effect, can be used. Deep cleans without depleting the coats of your natural oils. Ideal as a reviving of textures for white, black and tan coats. Inhibits the yellow color from the hair thanks to a very delicate bluing optic. Excellent for frequent baths, for the very yellow parts it is recommended to use them pure.
After each wash we recommend using a beauty mask, BIO-PLUS. It's a quick conditioner. After each treatment the hair will appear silky, shiny and particularly nourished. Adjusts and facilitates the drying of the coat and combing. Protects the hair from chemical and environmental aggressions. It can be used pure as a pre-gypsum cream to support and shape coats. Ideal if necessary to weigh down the hair and treat lengths with elasticity. Dissolved with hot water as a make-up remover after the show. Excellent as a moisturizing beauty mask after a bath. Used pure, it is blended in the palm of the hand and worked at will on the hair. Diluted, it is applied with clean and buffered hair. Dilute 1 or 2 tablespoons of product in one liter of hot water. Distribute on the hair. Leave to work for a few minutes, then rinse off in part. The same solution can be used in a dispenser during drying to ensure intense conditioning and easy brushing.

For an antistatic effect use SETIL. At the end of an excellent drying of the hair, spray the product and shape to your liking by brushing and combing. It gives a silky and shiny effect even to the most demanding textures to be treated. Restructures and protects the keratin of the coat from the heat of the hair dryer. Moisturizes and restores natural elasticity to the hair. It has been enhanced with Macadamia oil to shape and protect the hair, liquid crystals and special silicone oils to polish the coat. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin E and fluid lanolin, ideal for reviving the natural colors of the coat.


The bath before the show should be proccesd with two different shampoos, with the first product it is usually sought cleansing while the second is used in specific for weaving and nourishment. The first step shampoo can be PROF INN or RIFLEX PROF.
The PROF INN if the coat to be cleaned is very dirty, while if the mantle in question is well cared for it can be cleaned with the RIFLEX PROF that brings cleansing and shine to the coat colors. If the hair is dry, 50% of RIFLEX PROF can be mixed with 50% of VITAL PROF.
The second shampoo must provide natural conditioning to the mantle without altering the texture, REQUAL proposes KERAL PROF which gently cleans the semi-moist textures of the mantles and reinforces the keratin structure of the hair and skin, makes the coat rich and strong in its natural oils. REQUAL Shampoos must all be diluted with ten parts of water.
For those wishing to have a super shiny result from the bathroom there is the possibility of using one two teaspoons of BIOVIT OIL in 100ml. of shampoo KERAL PROF. The same BIOVIT OIL lends itself as a treatment to nourish the hair during the week, between the various exposures, it can be used pure or nebulized on the hair diluted with a little water.

Tips for the after-bath After cleansing and damp the hair from the water, we recommend using the BIO PLUS professional cream that shapes and supports all the coats. Dilute one or two tablespoons of the product in a liter of water, sprinkle the coat with the solution, leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse. This same treatment can be used as a pre-gypsum cream to support and shape the coat at exposures.

PHYTO SELF: Dry detergent that is suitable for use in the pre-ring for those who have not had the time necessary to prepare the bath of their dog.
SETIL: In the end drying, it can be used as a restructuring, antistatic treatment and to obtain a silk effect.
INVOL: Volumizing, antistatic and modeling to obtain the maximum desired volume before the ring.


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