Show Preparation

When grooming the dog for the show ring it is important for its coat to be in tip top condition. Skin and coat care must be regular.

REQUAL products for Shibas and Alaskan Malamutes.

Dilute VITAL-PROF in 10 parts of water, apply, wash and rinse thoroughly.

This product beautifies and conditions long hair with a woolly texture and also intensely nourishes the coat. It is a restructuring cream enriched with peach-pit oil which untangles the hair and provides sheen. Its formula ensures the easy removal of tangles, knots and mats.
RIFLEX-PROF can be used at the same time. It is a professional concentrated shampoo with a whitening and polishing effect which cleanses deeply without removing the natural oils from the coat. It is ideal for revitalising the textures of white, black, and tan coats and prevents yellowing thanks to a very gentle bleaching agent. This is an excellent product for dogs needing frequent bathing and can be used undiluted where there is yellowing.
BIO-PLUS beauty mask is a fast acting conditioner which is recommended after every bath. After each application, the hair will look silky, shiny and particularly well nourished. It also makes drying and combing easier, and protects the coat from environmental and chemical damage. It can be used as a pre-cementing cream to support and shape the coat and is excellent for weighting down the hair as well as providing long hair with elasticity. Added to hot water it can be used as a remover after the show and is exceptional as a moisturising beauty treatment after bathing. Undiluted, mix the product in the palm of the hand and then work thoroughly into the coat for as long as desired. Diluted, it is applied to clean and towel-dried hair; dilute 1 – 2 spoonfuls of the product in a litre of hot water, apply to the coat, leave for a few minutes, then rinse off lightly. The same solution may be used in spray form during drying to obtain an intense conditioning treatment and simplify brushing.
SETIL for anti-static action.
After thoroughly drying the hair, spray the product onto the coat and brush and comb to shape as required. This product gives a silky and brightening effect even on the most problem textured coats. It protects and restructures the keratin in the coat from the heat of the drier, moisturises, and gives natural elasticity to the coat. It is fortified with Macadamia oil to shape and protect the hair, and liquid crystals and special silicone oil make the coat glossy. It also contains vitamins A, B and fluid lanolin all to improve and brighten the natural colours of the coat.


REQUAL show ring products.

When bathing a dog for the show ring two different shampoos should be used: the first, for cleansing while the second is specifically for texture and nourishment. The preliminary shampoo to use is either PROF INN or RIFLEX PROF.
PROF INN is suitable if the coat is particularly neglected and dirty, however, if the coat is well cared for RIFLEX PROF can be used to cleanse and add lustre to the colours of the coat. A mixture of 50% of RIFLEX PROF and 50% of VITAL PROF can be applied to dry hair. The second shampoo should restore natural conditioning to the coat without altering the texture and REQUAL recommend KERAL PROF which gently cleanses the semi-rough texture of the coat and strengthens the keratin structure of the skin and hair enhancing it and making it stronger.
All REQUAL shampoos must be diluted in ten parts water.
For outstanding brightness after bathing it is possible to use one –two spoonfuls of BIOVIT OIL mixed with 100 ml of KERAL PROF. BIOVIT OIL can also be used to nourish the hair throughout the week or between shows. It can be applied undiluted or sprayed, once diluted, with a little water onto the coat.

After bathing tips

The use of BIO PLUS professional cream is recommended after cleansing and towel drying hair; it gives shape and support to all coat types. Dilute 1 – 2 spoonfuls in a litre of hot water, apply to the hair, leave for a few moments and then rinse. This product can be used as a pre-cementing cream to support and shape the coats at shows.

Tips for conditioning sprays

PHYTO SELF is a dry cleansing shampoo which can be used pre ring when there has not been sufficient time to bathe the dog.
SETIL spray is used once the hair is dry for restructuring, as an antistatic agent, and to achieve a silky effect.

INVOL provides extra volume if needed pre show- ring. It is antistatic and shapes the coat.